Growth Products

Cal-Tec 9% 12 L/Ha

Cal-Tec 9% aids in stress tolerance, helps reduce soil compaction, corrects calcium deficiencies and is a critical regulator of plant growth.

Green-Speed Si 0-2-5 12 L/Ha

Green-Speed Si 0-2-5 strengthens turf, helps increase resistance to pests and diseases and will assist in making a faster ball roll. It is designed for foliar applications and it is best to apply Green-Speed Si prior to heavy traffic or times of heat stress.

Gro-Pro 12-4-12 25 L/Ha

Gro-Pro 12-4-12 contains 60% SRN and 6 essential trace elements. The micronutrients, are 100% chelated, which will ensure a visible plant response and greening. Can be used on all turfgrasses as it is low in salts. Packed with 12 essential ingredients Gro-Pro is the go to liquid fertiliser for all greens feeding programs.

Iron Max 15-0-0 & 6% Fe, 2% Mn 12 L/Ha

Iron Max 15-0-0 & 6% Fe, 2% Mn promotes rapid green up, supplies 4 essential nutrients, is the perfect ratio of Fe, S and Mn, 100% chelated iron and manganese and will solve iron deficiencies rapidly.

K-Builder 7-0-21 35 L/Ha

K-Builder 7-0-21 liquid fertiliser assures you of a safe and uniform source of nutrients for turf applications because of its low salt index and liquid application. Contains a 100% soluble form of potassium, which means that you can apply at lower rates than granular products.

Magnesium Chelate 3% 12 L/Ha

Magnesium Chelate 3% assists in chlorophyll production, uses a unique sugar-acid chelating agent, available for both leaf and root uptake and is effective in high pH soils.

Manganese Chelate 5% 12 L/Ha

Manganese Chelate 5% assists in enzyme formation, corrects deficiencies, and is made from organic sugars that are easily plant absorbed.

Micrel Total 5-0-0 & 8 micronutrients 12 L/Ha

Micrel Total 5-0-0 & 8 micronutrients is foliar and root absorbed, improves colour, is compatible with other technical grade materials and is the ideal choice to correct chlorosis symptoms.

Nitro K 22-0-14 40 L/Ha

Nitro K 22-0-14 liquid fertiliser solution is a safe, low phytotoxic nitrogen/potassium source for all turfgrass applications. Nitro K can be used with other technical materials for foliar applications. It will enhance the adhesion of some fungicides, insecticides and herbicides making them rainfast.

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