Banol 6.5 L/Ha

Banol is a proven, reliable systemic fungicide which is highly effective in controlling Pythium diseases.

Bayfidan 6 L/Ha

Bayfidan is a broad spectrum, reliable, systemic fungicide, which is a standard for controlling Dollar Spot and Take-All-Patch.

Chipco GT 10 to 20 L/Ha

Chipco Gt will provide quick knockdown of Fusarium, Dollar Spot, Brown Patch and other diseases.

Dedicate 2 to 3 L/Ha

Dedicate is strong on ERI and patch diseases as well as offering useful control over a range of foliar pathogens. Dedicate is a must in any program.

Exteris Stressgard 10 L/Ha

Exteris Stressgard is an excellent tool to use as part of a fungicide rotation program to help manage the risks of resistance development, particularly in high risk diseases such as Dollar Spot.

Interface Stressgard 12.5 L/Ha

Controls disease for up to 28 days when applied preventatively. Unsurpassed, long lasting control of 6 key diseases, outstanding turf safety and no DMI growth regulatory effects.

Reserve Stressgard 13 to 24 L/Ha

Reserve Stressgard uses an innovative and premium Chlorothalonil formulation, effective control of a broad spectrum of key diseases. Low risk of resistance development due to multi-site mode of action.

Signature Xtra Stressgard 5.5 – 16.5 kg/Ha

Signature Xtra Stressgard is proven to protect turf from stresses during summer decline, improves turf colour, density, vigour, uniformity and playability.

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