X-Xtra Iron 6-0-0 & 9% Fe 18 L/Ha

X-Xtra Iron 6-0-0 & 9% Fe can be used for regular turf maintenance to enhance rich green colour and promote strong root systems for high traffic areas and stress conditions. Will correct iron deficiencies and chlorosis. Compatible with PGR's and is 100% chelated.

  1. General Details

    X-Xtra Iron 6-0-0 & 9% Fe provides 100% soluble iron in an immediately available form for both foliar and root applications. X-Xtra Iron is formulated by a unique Iron/Nitrogen complex that converts the iron to a soluble form that stimulates fast green up with no surge growth. X-Xtra Iron is amine compatible and can be used with herbicides and pesticides. X-Xtra Iron contains more iron than the closest competitive product.

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  6. Application Rates

    18 L/Ha or 180 ml/100 sq.mt.

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