TKO Phosphite 0-29-26 15L/ha

TKO Phosphite 0-29-26 can be used as a soil or foliar application product. Phosphite nutrients are known to improve plant growth and vigour. It has a near neutral pH and low salt index, so it is safe to use on turf as part of a program to aid in photosynthesis and root development.

  1. General Details

    TKO Phosphite 0-29-26 is a highly concentrated P/K nutrient solution containing mono and di potassium salts of phosphorus acid. This clear solution is highly soluble and is rapidly absorbed into the plants tissue. It can be absorbed either through leaf tissue or roots, quickly correcting deficiencies and improving plant growth and vigour.

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  6. Application Rates

    15 L/Ha or 150 ml/100

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