Sodium Knock Out 5-0-0 19 L/Ha

Sodium Knock Out 5-0-0 reduces bicarbonates, improves root growth and nutrient uptake, contains yucca penetrant and fulvic acid and reduces turf stress.

  1. General Details

    Sodium Knock Out 5-0-0 is a new and unique combination product that contains readily available calcium and a natural surfactant/wetting agent from yucca. It is an effective tool to reduce sodium levels in soils or bicarbonate accumulation from irrigation water. Soil salinity is one of the most serious of turf problems especially in high pH soils. Sodium Knock Out calcium is in a 100% soluble form that is immediately available to react with the sodium, unlike gypsum based products which need to weather.

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    19 L/Ha or 190 ml/100

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