Pro-Balance 15-1-12 40 L/Ha

Pro-Balance 15-2-12 provides a steady, even supply of nutrients and is compatible with most other turf pesticides. Pro-Balance is a safe and reliable source of both nitrogen and potassium. Ideal for use for improving drought tolerance and winter hardiness of turfgrass.

  1. General Details

    Pro-Balance 15-1-12 with 50% SRN is produced from high quality food and technical grade raw materials. Pro-Balance contains soluble, readily available potassium for immediate plant uptake, the nutrients are absorbed both through the leaves and roots. Potassium increases disease resistance and improves winter hardiness. No special agitation is required and Pro-Balance does not contain any chlorides which can cause a salt buildup.

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  6. Application Rates

    40 L/Ha or 400 ml/100

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