Nitro K 22-0-14 40 L/Ha

Nitro K 22-0-14 liquid fertiliser solution is a safe, low phytotoxic nitrogen/potassium source for all turfgrass applications. Nitro K can be used with other technical materials for foliar applications. It will enhance the adhesion of some fungicides, insecticides and herbicides making them rainfast.

  1. General Details

    Nitro K 22-0-14 combines two important elements, nitrogen and potassium for quality turf maintenance. This concentrate solution provides the most efficient and reliable sources of nitrogen and potassium. Nitro K contains a reacted UF polymer (methylene urea) which is a carbon/nitrogen chain. It resists leaching and volatilization and provides a food source for microbes. Nitro K is a safe and immediately available potassium source.

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  6. Application Rates

    40 L/Ha or 400 ml/100

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