K-Builder 7-0-21 35 L/Ha

K-Builder 7-0-21 liquid fertiliser assures you of a safe and uniform source of nutrients for turf applications because of its low salt index and liquid application. Contains a 100% soluble form of potassium, which means that you can apply at lower rates than granular products.

  1. General Details

    K-Builder 7-0-21 is a high potassium source fertiliser made from only the highest quality N-P-K sources. K-Builder is formulated for year-round fertilisation and provides an ideal ratio of potash to nitrogen to improve stress tolerance from traffic, drought and winter. All nutrients are in an available form for the plant’s immediate uptake, so less can be applied.

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  6. Application Rates

    35 L/Ha or 350 ml/100 sq.mt.

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