Green-Speed Si 0-2-5 12 L/Ha

Green-Speed Si 0-2-5 strengthens turf, helps increase resistance to pests and diseases and will assist in making a faster ball roll. It is designed for foliar applications and it is best to apply Green-Speed Si prior to heavy traffic or times of heat stress.

  1. General Details

    Green-Speed Si 0-2-5 is a proprietary formula with silica, potassium phosphite, and humic acid as the active ingredients. Silca hardens the leaf and helps strengthen the xylem vessels during times of high transpiration, reducing water loss. Green-Speed Si contains potassium phosphite which promotes turf health and increases the turf’s resistance to disease and pests. The humic acid increases nutrient uptake through the root and leaf tissue.

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  6. Application Rates

    12 L/Ha or 120 ml/100

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