Bio Nutrients 8-1-9 2.26 kg/Ha

Bio Nutrients 8-1-9 improves poor soil conditions, revitalizes soil, promotes stronger and faster rooting, contains an organic biostimulant and soil conditioner, and is packed in an easy to use 2.26 kg tub.

  1. General Details

    Bio Nutrients 8-1-9 is a unique, dry, 100% soluble blend of humic acid, natural wetting agent, kelp, natural L-amino acids and our exclusive combination of beneficial soil bacteria along with fortified natural carriers that add rich organic material to soils. It has the added advantage of containing a natural biostimulant to promote strong rooting. The Bio Nutrients formulation is designed to improve soil quality by adding rich organic nutrients that are often depleted in old and overworked soils.

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    2.26 kg/Ha or 2.26 gr/100

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