Indemnify Nematicide

Indemnify Nematicide

Indemnify represents a new cornerstone in integrated nematode mangement programs for turfgrass. Indemnify is a next-generation, easy-to-use nematicide that controls key plant parasitic nematodes and improves root growth and turfgrass health resulting in better playability with improved wear tolerance.


  • New mode of action delivering fast, effective, long term control of plant parasitic nematodes
  • Advanced formulation technology with soil penetrating surfactants
  • Not a scheduled poison and minimal PPE requirement for application
  • White to beige suspension concentrate (SC) formulation with low use rates


  • A tool to strengthen integrated nematode management programs
  • Improved root growth and turf health
  • Turf that is more resilient to stresses of climate and traffic
  • Improved playability of sports turf surfaces
  • Easier to get active ingredient to the target root zone without the need for invasive practices or heavy irrigation/rainfall
  • Low health risk to applicators and people playing on treated turf
  • Easy to mix and store. Sprays clear and non-staining
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